Controlled Burn in the Reserve

Yesterday 16th August saw an unusual event for the Reserve and this was the “controlled burn” of grasses and specific areas of the Kingfisher Bird Sanctuary part of the Reserve under the guidance of Phillip Mkhombo of Johannesburg City Parks.  We are quite aware that it was a scary situation for those who weren’t aware of what was happening and for those of our Committee who were in attendance, quite a daunting site.

However, due care was taken to ensure that all animals had been driven away from the Witkoppen Fence where the burn commenced.

Admittedly this was a fairly scary situation until we saw how the burns were identified, managed and controlled.

At the end of the day, we  conducted a walk around these areas and can happily announce no casualties

The below comments are from JCP to explain this activity:

Protected Areas Unit use fire as a management tool where we burn veld for ecological reasons listed below:

  1. To burn grass to remove moribund(fuel load or tall grass)
  2. To stimulate grass growth
  3. To reduce the amount of alien plants or encroaching plants
  4. To kill parasites that might be in the grasses

We’d like to thank all those concerned residents who came to offer help or assistance – this was much appreciated.

For information – this is an activity which will only occur probably every 3 years…

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