Walking Trail

The Norscot Koppies and Kingfisher Trail has been designed as a self-guided walk where you can learn about the indigenous vegetation and the natural phenomena of the region.

A few requests

Please obey the “no entry” signs to ensure the privacy of the surrounding residents who are the main financial supporters of the reserve.

Do not discard any litter such as cigarette ends and sweet wrappers:  please take a bag with you to collect any rubbish you might see.

If you smoke, be extremely careful! Remember burning matches and cigarette ends are the major cause of accidental fires. The delicate balance between plants, animals and the environment can be destroyed by fires! In fact! Why not try not to smoke while on the nature trail?

Do not damage plants by collecting twigs, leaves or flowers along the route. Remember you are a trustee of our natural heritage and all future generations of South Africans rely on the decision you make today to preserve and conserve the natural environment

Click here to read the full trail guide.