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  1. Yusuf Justin Holcroft says:

    Dear all: our newly-arrived blesbok baby is desperate to meet some new friends: our first open day of the year will therefore be on Sunday 25th January…..looking forward to seeing you all there!

  2. Bianca says:


    Is it possible to organise a guided walk through the Kingfisher Nature reserve? We would love to bring our Grade 4 learners from HeronBridge to have a look as we have been learning about the koppie.

    Kind regards

  3. Anonymous says:

    We have in the past two months received “releases” from CARE – Irene Mackenzie of animals/birds which have been rehabilitated. A 10 year old terrapin who scuttled off quickly to find a home in the reeds in the bottom big dam – he was brought into CARE as a tortoise!!!! A juvenile Bbown hooded kingfisher and as soon as it was released, scrambled into the trees, starting calling and within minutes received an answering call. Other releases are egrets, hadedas, barbets, dikops, the most magnificent bullfrog, to name just a few. Thank you CARE and Irene for trusting us with your recuperated animals/birds. Mary Borkett, Chairperson

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  5. Quentinerymn says:
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