Proposed Cellphone Mast

Dear Friends of the NKKNR: WE NEED YOUR VOICE!!!

We would like to ask for some urgent and positive assistance regarding the proposed Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed cell phone mast and four possible containers (for 4 providers) to be situated inside the Nature Reserve just behind Heron Close in Kingfisher Derive.

There is a white A3 Notice attached to the Kingfisher Fence which gives all the details.

Briefly, any and all objections must be sent to the following person stating reasons for objection and to be identified as – “Interested and Affected Parties”

Elaine Minnaar: Tel: 012 346 7655: Fax 012 346 6074

Re: Project Name: GA 057 Kingfisher Drive

You need to identify your contact name / telephone number and postal details / your interest in the matter

The objection should cover the following points:
This environment is a nature reserve and designated protected open space
It is an almost pristine environment with no services (water and electricity) and they should not be introduced to the area
There are plenty of other spots and accessible ground in the area for this to be erected
It is well known that these masts when close can introduce health implications and should be situated further away from a residential area

It is important for each individual to make their own objection since, as things progress, the proposers are legally bound to communicate with each and every individual

THESE OBJECTIONS NEED TO BE RECEIVED BY 17th APRIL. Please help us and add your voice!

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