Welcome to Norscot Koppies and Kingfisher Nature Reserve!

Situated in Douglasdale, northern Johannesburg, the NKKNR is truly a jewel in the heart of suburbia.

With an area of approximately 16 hectares, the reserve is home to a variety of flora and fauna including blesbok and duiker, and is the perfect spot to unwind on a Sunday.

The reserve is open twice a month and would love to welcome you!


Norscot Koppies AGM – 19th August, 10a.m.

Dear Friends of the Reserve: Our Annual General Meeting will take place next Saturday, 19th August at 10a.m. in the Reserve…..bring a chair and come along to hear the past year’s news, net year’s plans and have your say if you wish – the more, the merrier!

Looking forward to a great turnout next Saturday…