Welcome to Norscot Koppies and Kingfisher Nature Reserve!

Situated in Douglasdale, northern Johannesburg, the NKKNR is truly a jewel in the heart of suburbia.

With an area of approximately 16 hectares, the reserve is home to a variety of flora and fauna including blesbok and duiker, and is the perfect spot to unwind on a Sunday.

The reserve is open twice a month and would love to welcome you!

Your donation helps keep the NKKNR beautiful, safe and enjoyable: please help us by donating when you visit – every Rand goes towards the upkeep of the Reserve, and every little bit helps – thank you!

Announcement: Controlled Burn

Johannesburg City Parks has informed us that they will be performing a controlled burn in the Reserve on Wednesday, 22nd July 2020.This is a perfectly normal procedure run by the JCP Protected Areas Unit using fire as a management tool where veld is burned for the ecological reasons listed below:

  1. To burn grass to remove moribund (fuel load or tall grass)

  2. To stimulate grass growth

  3. To reduce the amount of alien plants or encroaching plants

  4. To kill parasites that might be in the grasses

Please don’t be alarmed if you see smoke or flames in the Reserve: this was last performed two years ago and was excellently managed – most importantly no wildlife was harmed in any way during the whole procedure.